Indian festivals list

Indian festivals list

Indian festivals list

Indian traditional festivals list

Indian festivals list

1. Diwali

Indian traditional festivals list
Diwali is the most amazing festival of India, which is celebrated through the varied

cultures of the country with vigor and enthusiasm, regardless of different religions and

societies. Autumn marks the landing of this festival and the preparation for the same

begins much in progress with people decorating their houses and exchanging gifts. Also known

as the festival of lights, this festival is important by decorating the houses with

lights, clay lamps, and candles. Indian traditional festivals list


Indian festivals list

2. Holi
The arrival of spring in India is marked with the revelers covered in shiny colored powder

as they celebrate Holi. Usually falling in March, the festival of Holi transfers with it the

celebrations where the merrymakers wish each other Happy Holi by practice‘gulal’ or

colored powder on each other’s cheeks. Savories, dance, music, and food are the other

highlights of this festival.


Indian festivals list

3. Dussehra
This festival marks the end of the 9-day long festival of Naravratras. The day is celebrated as the day Lord Ram attained victory over Ravana, and therefore, this festival

symbolizes the victory of good over evil. As a celebration, the symbolic statues of Ravana

and his brothers Meghnath and Kumbhkaran, make and placed at different avenues to be

burnt by an arrow of fire. Indian traditional festivals list

Indian festivals list

4. Ramadan/ Eid –Ul-Fitr
1 of the major religious festivals of India, Ramadan is celebrated mainly by the Muslim

sect of the Indian demographic. Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and is

used as the period for fasting, prayers, introspection, and religious contemplation. The end

of Ramadan is celebrated with a three day festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr, where Muslims break

their fasts by gathering together for prayers and celebration.

Indian festivals list

5. Christmas

Among the greatest festivals of India, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December

each year. Celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, this festival is the time

for religious and cultural celebrations for Christians. Usually celebrated by decorating

the Christmas tree and transfer gifts, this festival is known for merrymaking.

Indian festivals list

6. Ganesh Chaturthi
Celebrated with much fervor and excitement, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi revels the

homecoming of Lord Ganesh. One of the most colorful and exciting ten-day-long celebrations

of the festival are initiated by installing the idol of Lord Ganesh at home to bless the

house, and its members with happiness and prosperity. At the finish of the ten days, this idol

is taken with much pomp and show to be immersed in water.

Indian festivals list

7. Durga Pooja
This festival is nothing less than a 5-day long carnival in Bengal with religious

associations. Held in the honor of Goddess Durga, this puja is a festival which witnesses

exuberant preparations for months in advance. Setting of decorative pandals and preparing

for various development activities are a part of this festival. Indian traditional festivals list

Indian festivals list

8. Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj
Celebrated to cherish the connect between brothers and sisters, this festival is among the

national festivals of India. Celebrated by applying saffron tilak on the brother’s forehead

and tying a rakhi on his wrist, this festival holds impeccable great for Indian

brothers and sisters.

Indian festivals list


9. Krishan Janamashtmi
The legend of Lord Krishna’s birth and his triumph over evil is celebrated on this single

day. On this pious occasion, devotees throng temples to offer their prayers and blog to

their beloved deity. Another one of the devout festivals of India, it is celebrated with

complete devotion by Hindus.

Indian festivals list

10. Maha Shivratri
This festival is an annual event in honor of the great Lord Shiva. The festival is

celebrated on the 13th night or 14th daytime of the lunar month Maagha or Phalguna. The

celebration of the festival includes keeping day long and night long fast by a booster.

performing rituals and offering prayers to the traditional Mahashivalingam.